Saturday, 17 November 2012

new plinth

Started next two projects that will last until Xmas -  Sculpture and Photography.
Allegedly the University gave the local council a patch of land in exchange for re-tarmacking the student car park.  Some where in the negotiations a large granite plinth appeared and was placed by the council on the edge of the car park.
Can't say I have ever noticed it, but as I have neither driven nor walked into it, I must have registered it's presence in some way.
The object has been adopted by the Fine Arts dept, with some misgivings, but much glee [mixed feelings depending what kind of tutor you are] and now all us poor students have to design suitable, or more likely unsuitable, objects to go on top. 
Presumably someone from real life and  with more clout will eventually get the gig.
So first morning we had to make a small model of the granite block.........accurately. 
I find measurements an arcane art that is not included in my skill set.  Specially where saws and nails  are involved.  I quickly tried to get round the problem by choosing some kind of plastic wood that I could stick together.  Admittedly things did go wrong in that my measurements did not make allowance for the thickness of the wood when constructing, but the tutor is a kind man and whipped them thru the Big machines again till they looked more agreeable to each other. 
Lots of glue filled gaps I found.
We watched a welding workshop, always wanted to do this, but now not so sure, it does seem to need a steady hand and eye and metal toed boots and a big Darth Vador mask, worrying.
Have been looking at the town history for research ideas, but have already decided public sculpture is not for me, altho the presence of Coprolite St nearby has led me to design a giant turd to sit on top of the plinth as one suggestion .
The camera session was very long and equally demanding, originality is demanded but it's all been done feels exciting but at the same time I doubt I will prove equal to it,  F numbers come in the same black hole as measurements to my brain.
We were guided by the little camera technician - it all made some sense till he stopped talking. 
He said at one point he was 5'7", same as me; I am a tall woman, but he is a small man. Strange.
Be Ambitious is the tutors cry.  
Help is mine.
I was so challenged by Wednesday that I woke up with a migraine and was unable to go to the Wendy Cope public reading in the afternoon which annoyed me intensely, she would have been stimulating and made me laugh!


Gillian said...

Did a short art/photography course and loved it. Still don't know what all the buttons do though, I just use "Intelligent Automatic". I must admit ,listening to people explain things, is just like that. All's well till they stop and leave it up to you. Listening to the weather report has the same effect.
Tall!!! I suppose it's all relative unless you are 6 ft like me and
then the discussion's all over.
Cheers Gillian

Gillian said...

Oops! Meant to mention the coprolite. I think it would be remarkable and newsworthy to consider a large model in recycled plastic in "municipal brown". And I'd certainly come for a visit.
Cheers Gillian

Alison Couchman said...

I envy you the chance to do some welding Glen!! Being a bit scary is part of the fun - always wanted to give it a try.