Monday, 23 September 2013


Spent yesterday and day before stewarding Chain Reaction group exhibition at Snape Maltings, I hate the driving, and dislike being pinned in the gallery all day, tho visitors are generally generous and positive in their comments. 
I took some stitching to keep me occupied but it isn't going very well so that added to gloom.
My two partnering stewards were a joy, just me sulking, so I didn't really deserve a reward.  
For most of the time all I sold were two cards, but half an hour before I left purgatory a lovely woman bought my piece of work.  And she was lovely, not just because she and her husband shelled out, she was someone I connected with and was happy to have met.
So I am tired but happy knowing this is going to a good home.

Friday, 20 September 2013

spot the difference

I think this is the final image.  I am attempting to show the strength and vulnerabity of women, when they lift the veil.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Teabags and glad rags

It seems to be the season of mellow fruitfulness, especially where textile exhibitions are concerned.  The trees are full of ripe fruit.
Jane organised this show in her local church, crafts people all down the North aisle, lots of different groups, mother enjoyed talking to the knitting lady about hats.
The kimono is made of tea bags, some from Red Bush and the rest dyed indigo. Majestic.

The church was the usual country church mixture of additions from the twelfth century, comforting feeling of continuity of the stitching community......

lifting the veil

Added more detail, not sure if it is a good idea, I am worried that I have reduced it to a  shallow image.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Out of the box

I was going to scrap my bloke falling from the bridge, but decided I should press on in an attempt to make him look a little less inept, if only it is so far outside my usual stuff.
I think it is looking a little better, but obviously the bum and hands need attention.  ArtSkool starts in a couple of weeks so he had better start cooperating, or will find himself going off the bridge in reality.

The lady is a development of my William Scott enthusiasm. 
Matisse "Dance" colours, she fits in my Boxed Women, but I wondered whether to have her holding up her veil, revealing the monstrous female fecundity that is presumably so frightening in case it escapes the male control. The burka may be an  method of Muslim male control of genes inheritance, but we are still obsessed with "who is then father of the child" in all our Soap Stories. Patriarchy in a nutshell.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Slack Space

We four SLAPPERS took a trip 
To Colchester to see some of my and L's work on display. The Gallery is a community project, receives no funding, volunteers organise events in council donated premises, in this case av bank, I think.  We saw an interesting Book Art exhibition there recently, but sadly there was not enough work in this Art Textiles exhibition, so it wasn't as impressive as it might have been.

However they presented the work well, and it was fun to see some of my "fat Ladies" ganging up.

After the viewing
 We had lunch in proper lady like style in the garden of a cafe, and went on to mooch round the ruins of St.Boltophs (12th century)

Also skipped to the loo in First site gallery (between shows) and had tea in the garden of the Minories gallery, so very delightful all round. Very hot day, temp. In high 20s thus all the sit downs.
Found an old blanket in Charity shop to use as backing or dyeing or stitching

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

back from holidays

I am having  a lot of trouble with gaining access to this blog. All I have been able to do is post pictures, words just produce an "error on the page" blockage. Everyone's a critic.   
It seems that writing on my iPad has been a work around........
Away on hols in N Yorkshire I stitched on these little scraps, very soothing but now we are home again I attacked it with the machine, and I think it might be part of a theme of Trapped .......stuck in the. Box....something like that
Finally got paid the couple of hundred I made at the last exhibition and invested some in a three year old ladies train ticket, just have to get round to using it.