Friday, 6 September 2013

Slack Space

We four SLAPPERS took a trip 
To Colchester to see some of my and L's work on display. The Gallery is a community project, receives no funding, volunteers organise events in council donated premises, in this case av bank, I think.  We saw an interesting Book Art exhibition there recently, but sadly there was not enough work in this Art Textiles exhibition, so it wasn't as impressive as it might have been.

However they presented the work well, and it was fun to see some of my "fat Ladies" ganging up.

After the viewing
 We had lunch in proper lady like style in the garden of a cafe, and went on to mooch round the ruins of St.Boltophs (12th century)

Also skipped to the loo in First site gallery (between shows) and had tea in the garden of the Minories gallery, so very delightful all round. Very hot day, temp. In high 20s thus all the sit downs.
Found an old blanket in Charity shop to use as backing or dyeing or stitching

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