Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Out of the box

I was going to scrap my bloke falling from the bridge, but decided I should press on in an attempt to make him look a little less inept, if only it is so far outside my usual stuff.
I think it is looking a little better, but obviously the bum and hands need attention.  ArtSkool starts in a couple of weeks so he had better start cooperating, or will find himself going off the bridge in reality.

The lady is a development of my William Scott enthusiasm. 
Matisse "Dance" colours, she fits in my Boxed Women, but I wondered whether to have her holding up her veil, revealing the monstrous female fecundity that is presumably so frightening in case it escapes the male control. The burka may be an  method of Muslim male control of genes inheritance, but we are still obsessed with "who is then father of the child" in all our Soap Stories. Patriarchy in a nutshell.

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Gillian said...

Thankyou Glen. I had to read that a couple of times to get my thoughts inside your words but ...Wow. I had never thought those ideas up for myself or heard them anywhere else so they were quite a blast. Like it, and will give it all some deep thought. I think I've lived a lot of my life on the surface of things.I wish I'd known all I know now a long time ago!
Cheers Gillian