Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Westward Ho

Last week some stitchers and I went on a sketching trip and picnic to Flatford Mill [Constable country]In the end we went to the cafe for a sandwich and tiddled about in the sunshine.

Now down to business  -  we have booked the the kennels, and people to feed the cats; the  trains; the hotel; the plane; the hotel; the car; the plane back and the taxi home. 
Feel like I have done it all already but somehow I have to get up on my back legs and change continents to see the kids and g'kid.
Still nearly 2 weeks to go. 
Have to down [up?] load some audio books onto ipod in hopes that they will see me thru the nights when necessary. 
Have to organise some hand stitching to take with me, plus more stories for day time.  What makes me think g'son is going to give me time?
Daughter tells me that he was devoted to g'dad from other side of family, oh dear, bet they rolled around together and played SpiderMan. I will never measure up.
Callie is growing and prancing, almost potty trained except over night, kennels will no doubt return her to her primitive state of anywhere any time.
But it will be an adventure!