Friday, 2 August 2013

one small step

Had a piece selected by the jury of the Ipswich Art society [trumpets] it is their 136 annual exhibition, showing at the Waterside Gallery at the University.
Had to turn up yesterday with 2 pieces in my sweaty hands just like the Royal Academy! well similar, and await their decision today.
Thanks to Amanda for reminding me, we are on a crusade to get art textiles into art exhibitions.  Amanda got her piece accepted and so did I, well one of them.  Too much good news would be bad for me I suppose.
Actually didn't have to wait to open the envelope this morning [just like GCEs] as the Selected went up on their website.  Dunno why I have to keep challenging myself this way....
Today we had to go and collect the rejected and sneak a proud glance at my piece leaning against a pillar waiting for a decision as to what heights it should reach.
I have to remind myself  the job is not complete as someone has to hand over the cash to make it a complete success. I sold one at TAGS, but this one costs more I have decided, if I get complaints I am advised to say "well you should have bought it the first time round"
Back to hand stitching another rust piece today, may take me till next summer, which is comforting in a way, always need something to do.  Would love to be painting my Boxed Lady but can't stand up too long in this heat..............
PS something is amiss with Blogspot, I can't interact with this page properly.  Something to do with Internet Explorer it works OK thru Firefox.