Monday, 23 September 2013


Spent yesterday and day before stewarding Chain Reaction group exhibition at Snape Maltings, I hate the driving, and dislike being pinned in the gallery all day, tho visitors are generally generous and positive in their comments. 
I took some stitching to keep me occupied but it isn't going very well so that added to gloom.
My two partnering stewards were a joy, just me sulking, so I didn't really deserve a reward.  
For most of the time all I sold were two cards, but half an hour before I left purgatory a lovely woman bought my piece of work.  And she was lovely, not just because she and her husband shelled out, she was someone I connected with and was happy to have met.
So I am tired but happy knowing this is going to a good home.

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carol said...

Well done! It is so warming to get validation by someone nice!