Thursday, 27 December 2012


Xmas day = new toys. Parents don't really believe what they see, I suppose when we are in our 80/90s we will be a bit bemused too.
I received inks for the printer [very welcome] book tokens [even more welcome] and an excellent book The Naked Nude which contrasts the traditional painted perfection with contemporary contradictions, wonderful pics.
Also 2 CDs for the car, belatedly Blunderbuss and the newer Alabama Shakes, which should cheer my chug into college on cold and misty mornings. 
Plus the jumper from The Killing/Faroe Islands [blue with grey snowflakes].  I know!! however it is wearable and warm and a possible family heirloom?
Skyped daughter and g'son in Nevada and spoke to son [horrible cold, stuck in SanFrancisco, Donner Pass snowed in, could be worse ] so all's well.
I am still working on the sketch book for my Drawing assignment [due Jan 7th - too far away to panic yet] but have discovered a recipe for crocheting Beanies; daughter and I now have a purple one each, and g'son a stripey one. 
Now onto black one for g'sons's dad, he won't wear anything but black. 
It is very satisfying as I can crochet them in an evening or so, while catching up on all the Xmas TV.  Disappointed with most of it, but Outnumbered was good I thought, [as close as I want to get to Noro-virus] and Eastenders was it's usual headbanging self. 
Downton tried to get a dozen story lines in a pint pot, Miranda was daffily amusing and reruns of Modern Family were very acceptable, as I missed them first time.  Saw bits of the Hitchcock drama, but found it too disturbing, in several ways.
Rain is still raining, as everywhere.  The puddles in the road are quite deep now and beginning to join up, but not as terrible as the floods in the West country. I have lit the fire and shall go and read one of my new books now [with pages].  xx

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carol said...

Thanks be to Skype! the best gift to grandmothers everywhere (and indeed all those with cherished friends!) Your daughter looks outrageously beautiful.