Friday, 21 December 2012


You will remember that the sculpture mission was to design something to go on the empty plinth.  Here are some of my cohort's offerings. 

various I think you will agree. I got a lot of stick from making quite a lot, but it is my fave, and I want to continue, have to make some impact as I am only part time.  Tutor seemed quite pleased with us, however on my feed back tutorial he quoth to me, well you have been in education, so you know how to play the game.  Not quite the enthusiastic rave response I was hoping for.

 This was my "Lens Based" exhibit, next day, plus some projections on a white wall. 
D did the most startling 3 wall projection, exploration of domestic violence titled Home Front - photos of plastic soldiers placed in combat positions all round her home, played with martial music and appropriate quotes flashing up. Really impressive. Makes you proud.
Wednesday was the final Drawing session, Mike the Model with balloons. Afterwards we went into the park where M was to walk towards us throwing balloons in the air......sadly few of us realised that only helium balloons float upwards, so it was a bit of a disappointment, but a laugh too.
Holidays now till February, these undergrads get long hols it seems.  Have homework however.

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