Wednesday, 30 June 2010

going public

Stormed up the A14 to Art Gallery yesterday to take my "Tracey" for a whirl.
She is to be judged, and probably found wanting. This rural county is awash with artists, tho I rarely meet them, too intimidating, so i expect my angry stitching about women's eating habits won't get wall space.
However nothing day I will have my own exhibition of all my angry women.
It's like that old tree in the forest, if no-one hears it fall, did it happen? Yes yes i know that's pretentious rubbish,of course it did but it kind of explains the wish to show ones work. If no-one sees it, is it art?
It is much too hot today for thinking philosophical conundrums anyway.
Funnily enough I haven't actually shown it to anyone, anonymous showing is what I crave.

Had a lovely corn beef hash with Victoria on the way back.


carol said...

I do have a similar theory that a piece of art isn't complete until it has been viewed by a third person (or a few!) It might as well stay in our heads if no-one sees it. More importantly, the viewer affects the work. Quantum physicists found that one out.

Sue said...

Does that work with writing? I mean does the reader affect the writing, as well as the writing affecting the reader?

carol said...

Sue - I'm sure that's right. I've been really surprised at what other people saw in stuff I've written - quite a revelation really!