Friday, 2 July 2010

keeping score

It is stupidly/seriously hot in this corner of the county and has been for days. Cups of tea are not the answer, but necessary.
The plants too are thirsty so have to spend ages dangling a hose or hefting watering cans.
At first it is peaceful listening to the evening bird song, but soon I gets sweaty and fractious. I start looking for mischief, mostly the evil white male cat [un-neutered] that has been terrorising Agamemnon and possibly Hattie the dog.
A good hoseful may make him change his visiting habits to steal Aggers meal and run round the curtains when I try to remonstrate.
Hurray Ghana have just scored, I do hope they win, sadly Mr Murray did not win, but at least he played well. How any of them can run around in heat I fail to comprehend, but it is nice to see manly thighs glistening with sweat.
We have been invited to a local hustings next week for Ed Balls but I doubt we will go, too boring him - and us.
It seems Ed Milliband sends his love too, I wonder if Diana will sweep thru the barley anytime soon. The fields are marvellously golden,
and one field is even pale blue - I think that must be potatoes.
The sun was so relentless we had to devise a Hatty the dog walk as much under the trees as possible, so we came upon the Boats graveyard, not seen for a while. Presumably there is a serial killer abroad as there are several extra hulks.

"They" are extending The Hard so that the Thames barges can come in for repair. This is a bit of a turn around as not many years ago the local residents were complaining about the noise and insisting the dry dock be moved up stream. I guess people have moved on, or been persuaded or taken hostage, whatever.

Ghana have lost on penalties.


Gillian said...

I felt sad too, when Ghana lost.
Not so much sadness for Andy, although it is sad to try so hard and rarely come top. It does not warrant such temper spats in public.
Warm up here too and our "garden" is mostly pots which need constant attendance.
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

The blue fields could be flax. I hear there is more of it grown these days. Not much up here sadly - yellow rapeseed everywhere. Very bad for allergy sufferers.