Sunday, 31 July 2011

eel and bird

The weather has been so grey and my mind so dark RP decided the only way to save his sanity was to get me out into the fresh air. [Day before I spent the day lying on the bed listening to the cricket and growling.]

So we went to see the Suffolk Craft show, which was as ever very skilled and various. Sometimes I find something to buy to push the money I earn from my efforts round the circle a bit, but altho there was lots to admire - it was all big and expensive. No room.

So we toddled on to the Eels Foot pub for lunch. As I was feeling reckless I had 3 sausages, 2 eggs and chips.The Eel had a big boot for the inclement weather and I had socks in my crocs. So there. It's a fine old pub just before Minsmere bird sanctuary. for some unknown reason the weather decided to be kind so we pottered on amongst the reed beds.

We saw about 2 birds, possibly because it was mid afternoon and they were sleeping off their lunch. Or maybe the creepy golf ball that is Sizewell Nuclear Power Station, in the middle distance, deterred them.

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carol said...

Had to read back to find reason for the violation.. Sorry not to have been attentive! Both my daughters have suffered the same indignity - both had symptoms of IBS. When they were given the all-clear from other possible nasties they found ways of dealing with it through diet. They have more self- discipline than me!

Hope it is less of a trauma than it sounds.