Thursday, 28 July 2011


Retired Person was foraging in the garden, trying to instill some order when he came across these holly berries. So attractive, but are there two different fruit on a holly?

Feeling prickly myself [pathetic link but I am in weakened form] as yesterday was one year before the Olympics apparently, ear to ear media coverage, and I am bored already. I am sure it will be exciting when it happens, but not yet!

Also the medical finger is now to be pursued by a camera next week, I feel a bit dizzy at the thought. Have to eat boiled fish and white bread for 2 days, and then drink 3 lites of salty type water. Pass the Valium.

I notice a proliferation of the Oxford comma amongst my words lately. I was always taught no comma before and, and but, but, an argument has erupted about this comma not known to me before, and now we are becoming friends.

Breaking news Someone has broken into the local museum and stolen the horn from Rosie the rhino. Strange. Not sure why we were home to a stuffed rhino in the first place, she did look very bored, as you would be if you were stuffed, as no doubt I am going to find out.

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