Wednesday, 5 March 2008

blogs and turds

There is a Blogdom being established.
Carol has mentioned my blog in dispatches. She has put pictures on her blog, some lovely book covers and illustrations, she owns a book shop.
Sue started me blogging with her Sue Space, we are each quite different in our blogging, Carol restarted me when my NYR ran out before the end of January.
Bloggers Unite you have nothing to lose but your inhibitions. Carol doesn't like the word Blog, it does have the weight of dog turd about it.
My neighbour collects our dog's turds and throws them behind my parked car, presumably thinking I will step into them with lasting result. We take doggy for a walk twice a day, so he doesn't find them often, maybe he searches everyday, in hopes.
Dog turds really do get a reaction, cat turds not so much, crafty cats hide them till you plant bulbs;big horses' turds mount in the field through which I walk doggy. The stable woman collects them with a special gadget and piles them in a turd mountain in a corner. When she sees me with doggy she demands I pick up the doggy turds as the horses roll in them. I refuse. Never a dull moment in the country.


carol said...

Turd world blogging!

carol said...

Oh rats - have I posted twice. What's the chap in the wheelchair doing by the side of the word verification thingy. Do I have to provide a ramp?