Thursday, 13 March 2008

for this relief much thanks

I left a comment on Carol's Blog yesterday, I have never done that before, on any Blog. Have a new adventure every day that's me.
Today i finished a pot, well it is drying, I suspect it will crack, then went to sainsbury's and then visited another stitcher.
Only taken 12 years to get friendly, that's Suffolk for you.
We had a very enjoyable time,chatting of mutual interests, and she is booked to come here soon, things happen when they should I suppose, or when they damn well will. I was watching a gog prog about the galaxy and beyond last night, gives one a better sense of perspective, for a while.
S my stitcher friend is a magical patchworker, produces the most gorgeous art quilts full of subtle detail and beautiful colours.
I wish I was more like her, pile upon pile of gorgeous detail and she would like to hand stitch in the way I do, mostly bodging, but I have hit on a method at the mo which I find satisfying.
Note to self, add a pic of the Sun God.
The god is an ess, but like actor/tress she is not going to demean herself by adding the diminutive, or whatever it is. She is a Big Lady so no-one will give her an argument.
Last night i watched Raines on the gog. It is an American series with Jeff Goldblum, which is reason enough for me to be addicted, I think he is very fanciable. He plays a cop who in the process of investigating murders [homicides] conjures up the victim. and discusses the case with them until it is solved, takes about an hour, whereupon they leave satisfied.
Obviously it falls in the genre that includes the film where K Spacey sees dead people, but until the end one doesn't realise that is because he is dead too. What is it called.
Opportunity for a comment here!!
Jeff handles the whole affair at a lean of the most laid back, and has all the tics and quirks that make it seem that he is such a good actor. Did you see him in The Fly, so good. Jurassic Park, not so good, the film, not the blessed Jeffrey.
It all fits with this church yard over the hedge tho; not that i see dead people. so far. I am fascinated by their names, and the older carvings on the stones. Tho the newer ones are good too. Our local grave stone carver has 2 kids, one kid died of leukemia, and then the other died in a diving [swimming pool] accident so he got to do both his kids stones. That should not happen.
I would like to have done an apprenticeship with him, re carving, but i couldn't allow myself to enter that stone circle.
Some of the 18th century stones have winged skulls carved into them, these days they are more cheery. One has Champion batteries as part of the design, as he was sponsored by them as a speed boat champion.
The stone carver did a design of twisted film strips and lap tops for his son, as he was doing media at the time it happened and his sister got sprigs of rosemary.
Of course I should have crossed needles and thread.
Graveyards have figured for a long time. My first husband [unlike The Duchess doesn't hang on my wall, but should] was an archaeologist and we spent a lot of time reading gravestones for some reason. I guess he was studying Norman churches and I was left wandering. It is impossible to see a word, carved or not, without reading it. All those words skidding round all those minds/brains.
Now I am adding to them for no very good reason, maybe pouring some out like this relieves the pressure.

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Sue said...

I envy your ease with words. I knew you would be b----y brilliant at this!