Monday, 7 April 2008


Managed to put some seeds into a tray today, so it really must be Spring, in spite of two days of snow showers. The snow falling amongst the big pink flowers of the magnolia was pretty impressive.
I saw some wonderful petrol blue agapanthus last summer,at Walberswick, and managed to get given some seeds, from a friend, so I bunged them in the tray; plus some Four o'clock plant seeds I nicked last autumn from the bank side down our lane.
I have just paused to look them up on the web, as I just arbitrarily decided what they are as the flowers come out in the later afternoon and seem to have more than one colour on a plant.
On the whole I know sod all about gardening, but seem to have all these snippets of what i choose to regard as information in my mind, could just as well be hallucination.
We bunged in some roses, after getting carried away at the Chelsea Flower Show, and then got bought a lovely purpley pink bush for our anniversary. Altho we have a fairly spacious garden, a lot of it is at 45 degrees, so bushes are not really appropriate as they tend to tip over and straggle down the hill. Eventually I found a space outside my work room window, so I am hoping to open the curtains one day and be serenaded by their colour and scent.
My workroom is colourful in itself, covered in fabrics and threads, but it is also a -black hole isn't appropriate, - more like one of those Damian Hurst swirly paintings, but more interesting.Unhappily it is a monster in that it eats things. I made some parts of an tassel for a bookmark, -The Golden Notebook specifically. As ms Lessing divided the book into the red, blue, black and yellow notebooks I thought it a good wheeze to make tiny ones for incorporating into the tassel, now nowhere to be found.
This is extremely annoying. Also I feel silly to be so disorganised, maybe they have slipped down the hill, maybe at the bottom amongst the hawthorns I will find all those things I have lost, including some interesting facts I can no longer remember.

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