Monday, 14 April 2008


Watching one of my favourite films on the gog bought a smile to my face, Grosse Pointe Blank, great fun - reminds me of the awful school reunions I have been to. I drank so much whisky to give me courage at the first, I seriously thought my head would explode during the night.
Or perhaps it was just swallowing too much bile.
I don't usually drink due to migraines, I host all kinds of theories as to what might set them off. So no chocolate or cheese, red wine, citrus fruit, you suggest it might be the cause - I will run screaming from any proximity.
Doesn't stop me having 2 major migraines per month however, tho the modern pills do quite a good job, just that I am not allowed to take more than the prescribed each month, as they do things to my blood vessels, which in turn makes me wonder, if I am not careful I will kill myself with the tablets instead of womanfully putting up with a little pain and vomit.
To return to John Cusack and Minnie Driver territory, as I wish I could.
When attending reunions I should have invented an assassins life for myself, even packed a gun to stop some of those terrible people talking so much endless rubbish. What a joy it would be to line those fat blokes up against a wall and puncture their pomposity, likewise the self satisfied women, oh dear I suspect some grinding of .........what does one grind? besides teeth.
None of the women went to university, quite a few of the men did. I went to Art school ,and ran away. Girls dressed in black practising judo in the loos, quite a shock for a girl from a council estate. Wonder where I would be now if I had stayed, probably ended up in teaching, just the same.
I would really have liked to be a broadcaster on a local radio station a la Minnie, she was a very smooth disc jock. I listen to a lot of Radio 6 Music now, the blokes are OK, if a bit full of themselves, the women are vapid. Whatever happened to feminism?
Most of my school mates stayed within the area, - Barking, East London if you ask,and stayed married. Does one pay the price for security, or does one always pay a price.
No-one I knew votes BNP, probably, as they mostly seemed to get secure jobs in Local Government or the motor trade and thus have mortgages paid up and secure retirements, but they don't like the way things are going, and the nationality of each miscreant mentioned waves loud, if not the colour. With the advent of the freedom of the European market, incomers are reassuringly white these days but make noise, steal and generally invoke fear and resentment it seems. So maybe the BNP does come to call.
My school is now a comprehensive of course. Pretentious, but brick cloisters all closed up now it seems, health and safety probably,
I have never been back.
Our school houses were all named after monkish gangs, I was in Benedict [green], we also had Charterhouse [blue] Citeaux [yellow] and Clugny [red]. Our school shield was refused by the heraldic powers that be, as it was "colour on colour". Our head master swirled his gown and successfully pointed out precedents.
Our prefects' blazers were thin stripes of red, blue, green and yellow, my beret [detention if not worn All the way home] was royal blue with a long red tassel. pretentious moi!?
Obviously the secondary modern [for those who failed the 11+] wore unadorned green, if forced. I don't think i ever had a conversation with my primary school friends once I started at the grammar, even those who lived in the same road.
I won't go to any more reunions, they won't miss me.

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Sue said...

Also one of my most favourite films. Wasn't John Cusack yummy in it?