Thursday, 1 May 2008

making a spectacle

I have two pairs of spectacles now, one for Blog etc. and one for every day life. I can't see real life with these specs, every thing is blurry, not as blurry if I take them off altogether.
I don't need number 1 specs to read, or eat and I usually take them off when I am speaking to someone face to face - eyeball to eyeball. I have them on a chain round my neck, number 2 specs are supposed to sit on my desk, here, waiting to be useful.
Of course this morning I set out in the car with No.2 specs on my head and No.1 specs on my nose.
I measured the distance I needed for the optician by reaching out my arm till my fist hit the screen, straight from the shoulder.
Direct hit, no fannying around.
I obviously don't have much to write about today, but I am averse to fighting my way back into Blogspots good books, so I am trying to keep the contact regular, and thus be recognised and allowed entry.
It hailed today.
Very English, discuss the weather when all else fails.
The hailstones were large and sparkly in the sun. I didn't witness the hailing, as i was in an alternative weather zone 2 miles away where there was a thunder and lightening storm. I feared no evil being balanced on my four trusty rubber tyres.
It is sunny again now.
I took Mrs. Lusty down to a local exhibition yesterday, and tomorrow we will go and visit her at the Private View.

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