Monday, 9 June 2008

in my shed

Very sunny today, so sitting in my shed [with benefit of extension lead].
I have been trying to Do something with the honesty, in a half arsed way. TAGS exhibition theme next month is Imprint so I thought I could print the honesty ?leaves on some see thru material, with white paint, as a starter. hmmmmmmmm needs more work/thought.
I am not good with "fragile", the effect I am after.
Have started reading the Reluctant Fundamentalist, which is either very good or very annoying, not sure which yet. It comes after a medieval who dunnit so a good contrast anyway.
I walked doggy in my crocs this morning [as opposed to the wellies of yore] and then got trapped by a huge lane filling puddle or three. Clambered round the edges OK, but crocs have these magic holes which admit water, sand, stones, anything I would rather not get between my toes. Had to clean same with leaves once on the dry side, and felt very medieval.
Amazon finally tipped up with some hard backs today. I do the free postage if you order more than £15 or there abouts, but the orders seem to take ages lately, so I guess they are trying to dissuade me from this method.
I think friend P has paid for a years free postage, and she gets her books toute suite, but it does seem to be a contradiction. I must stop being stubborn and ask details.

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carol said...

Hah! I hear today that crocs are about to get a resounding thumbs down from the EU because the HOLES ARE TOO BIG! This causes a health and safety problem. I'm a big supporter of the EU so - will not make any negative comments. But my grandson has some and his ma won't be pleased when I forward this tidbit on to her.

Secondly - I had another thought about pubic hair. NOT original for art - see: 'East is East.' One of my favourite films.

OK I'll leave you in peace now... no I won't..... I know the reason for slow book delivery - Amazon eschewed the Royal Mail and got a contract with a courier service. It has been dreadful ever since.