Tuesday, 22 July 2008


It's been a busy day. P came over with Jpeg [black lab.] to walk round the Clamp with Hattie [grey and white collie/lab] and me in the sunshine.
Didn't see much as we were talking so hard, but the fresh air was good.
Then we picked up the ancient Tortoises and took them for a meal down at the Shipwreck. Lunch tasted like it had been in a real shipwreck for some time, but again the fresh air was good.
It was strange to find stories that I have told to describe my relatives are not in fact strictly true. I am sure I was told - by my mother - that P & G taught ball room dancing for years. However P informs me that they told her that it is not so, they "call" at square dancing things.............and G, I was told taught in Special Ed. no says Pat, just ordinary Ed. [she drove G in her car, while I had P]. I am confused, what else is not true?
The Ancient Ts are due to fly back to Canada tomorrow, goodness knows where they keep their stamina, maybe they store it all up in a pocket, and that's why they walk so slow.
Who needs to walk when you can fly.
I am getting restless, need a different horizon myself; got to drive out to take down the exhibition tomorrow, but that is just more of the same now.
Nobody with any sense looks forward to the A12.
P, Jpeg, Hattie and I decided we may make a day trip of the ferry over to Harwich [at least 10 mins.] and back some time, scarcely foreign parts but it will have to do.

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