Friday, 22 August 2008

fitting in

Have been invited to contribute to an exhibition on The Seven Deadly Virtues. H the gallery owner has done a fair bit of wikipedering to nudge us into pastures new.
Lust is already born,

and I have this lady
which deadly virtue I wonder?
My boxed ladies can probably be despair, it can be a creative emotion at times.

The Warring Angels must fit in somewhere. Obviously I just need a weird title and all my stuff finds a place!


Sue said...

Do you mean the Seven Deadly Sins?

Sue said...

If you did, the warring angels could be Wrath? How about Envy for the crawling lady?

chillsider said...

No, the idea is that some Virtues can be deadly too,if you have a twisted mind!! but I can still use Wrath and Envy thank you.