Monday, 22 September 2008

Virtue is it's own reward

Went up to Suffolk Norfolk border on Saturday to see the Seven Deadly Virtues exhibition. Not very deadly at all, rather agreeable in fact, except for my crazed creations. This is screenprint & patchwork is by Helen, whose gallery and workshop it is. We tend to call her Helen the Rottweiler [behind her back] to differentiate from Helen the Meek who is also a patchworker.

It was a lovely day in the rural flat lands, corn all gathered in, potatoes' browned off heads waiting to be lifted. Recently we were asked by a couple from Texas what these strange plants were, presumably they had not been to Ohio, - is that where potatoes come from?

Other exhibitors were a mixed bunch, I liked the automota by John, Helen's large and silent partner.

Lin has never shown her work before, one of H's deadly virtues is bullying people into having some confidence about their work. L uses pen and ink and water colour by the look of it, and does calligraphy quotes to frame it. Her literary references didn't seem to be mine so I didn't have to try and squeeze one of her pieces onto our already over crowded walls.

John2 takes and prints rather wonderful digital photos, and only jealousy stopped me buying one, no matter how little room their might be.

Finally Heather stitched and dyed, in a not very exciting way, but perfectly competently. She called this Homage to Tiamen which does lend it more gravitas.

We stopped off on the way back at Walberswick for tea and cakey, lovely pub amongst the salt flats leading to the sea, and all was gorgeous - till i realised I had left my bag back at the gallery, which lengthened the return journey considerably Four times through the one way system of Beccles is 4 too many.


Heide said...

I just love reading about your Bohemian adventures. The monotony of working and running three daughters to and fro leaves me little time to live except vicariously through others. I need to Google Search Cakey. Being a Yank, I have only a vague idea of what that could be.

carol said...

I love the birds and the knobs but I think your stuff is more spirited.
A friend went to an exhibition of quilting in the Borders at the weekend. She showed me pics. Lots of beautiful ones but the most fun was a giant quilt depicting three can can dancers - all that was visible of them was the circle of wildly primary coloured frou frou skirt and in each skirt two legs, one cocked jauntily sideways, in black tights with complex little decoration on their garters.