Thursday, 2 October 2008

mellow bellow

The Boiler man cometh today, with Henry his hoover, Henry certainly gets around as I see him in lots of places.
Bman also cleaned up the tube that shows us how much is left in the depths of the oil tank, I had perched a plastic mask of Tony Blair on top of the tube [once I had finished with it as the face in a village scarecrow competition, he didn't win] and stuffed it with straw to hold it on.
Somehow earth and insects and all manner of detritus curled up in the warm space and then plunged down the tube.
So I have been expecting the heating to belch and blow up at any moment.
Fortunately we are now sparkly clean and TB is in the bin, where he belongs.
The day started cold and grey but warmed up and the sun shone, the river sparkled and doggy and I had a good tramp thru the bright green grass; we met two very lively greyhounds and Hatters would have loved a race, but she has to make do with a few excited circles now she is an older lady.
The runner beans are still flowering and we are still eating the results, so the rotation of sun and showers is doing some good, likewise the corn on the cob is finally swelling and becoming delicious.................I just keep forgetting to harvest it. G'dad in law had his posthumous birthday posy of Michaelmas daisies on his grave, it all feels very autumnal.
Tomorrow I am hoping to get to a couple of textile exhibitions and next week it is the Amazing Snit and Bitch show at Ally Pally [knit and stitch] so I am buoyed up with anticipation. Hopefully lots of luscious threads.
At my stitching group meeting yesterday I promised to do a Sketch Book workshop next month, I am mad, why do I do these things, I will only get obsessed and desperate.
I guess it is the Only Childitus again, rearranging my dolls. Twit.

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