Thursday, 15 January 2009

bye bye Bubble

The good news is this is the first time in my life that I have kept a diary [however intermitently] for a complete year.
The bad news is that Bubble the girlcat [on the right] has had to leave us. The cats are brother and sister, their other sister managed to get run over some years ago. Tilly was white with just a patch of tabby, all three of them had 6 claws on each foot. My son has a 6 clawed cat, Cedric in San Francisco so it can't be that rare, if that makes any sense.
My 2, Aggamemnon and Bubble are about 14 I think, and were both fine, mostly ignoring us and each other unless it got cold, when they would cuddle up.
But last w/e Bubbs started sitting around looking dazed. We both managed to accidently tread on her tail as she was sitting in such odd places, and not moving even at the approach of big boots.
I had to start hand feeding her, suspecting big brother was pinching all her food, but it didn't improve her lethargy so we took her to the vet, and of course it was cancer.
So now she is buried in the garden in the growing line of much missed dogs and cats.
Death is a definite design fault, tho necesary I suppose.


Heide said...

Oh, I am so sorry to hear about losing your furry little family member. How is Aggamemnon faring without Bubbles? Hugs to you and scritches to A.

Walled Garden said...

I'm sure Bubbles was grateful in a feline way, to have reached a fair age for a cat. The average age of pet cats must be grossly reduced by the number that are loved carelessly and lost too soon.
I've just enjoyed reading your last few blogs. I hope retired man has truly worthwhile plans and that yours for this year come to fruition.
Delightful portraits in fibre and fabric.
Happy New Year

carol said...

Belatedly, but very sincerely, I'm sorry to hear about Bubbles. It's bad losing an animal. I felt mine around for ages after they had gone.