Wednesday, 7 January 2009

friends of Artemis

It is so cold today, we left the heating on all night for once.
After a week in Norfolk - East coast, East wind - I would have thought I would be acclimatised, but I guess I am not so active now I am home.
Just sent Retired Man out on dog walk on his own, which i wouldn't have done on holiday when I expect myself to muck in and "enjoy" myself. Double glazing behind this computer doesn't seem to keep out the draughts, but when it is warm enough to examine the seal round the periphery i forget the problem.
Now Peterson and the cricket coach have thrown their handbags out of the pram, oh dear, just when we stood a chance of winning the Ashes back. What a fiasco.
Should have gone to my Textile Group meeting this morning, but wimped out because of general icyness, so now I feel I must take advantage of this time to set The New Year into gear......hmmmmmmmmmmm
Lots of stitching to be organised. I have to [yes I do] "interpret" a section of fabric design sourced from the Warner textile Collection. We each get a different copy of a piece of fabric from the collection, and are asked to "Do" something creative it.
This is a competition. Last time I won the category Most Amusing entry, which i think is probably a double edged compliment.
My source is a detail of flowers, big blousey pink roses and chrysanthemum type flowers arching across the page. Immediately i thought of big blousey pink ladies cavorting [as I do] so I have to meld the two in some fashion. I think i can silk paint a scene of ladies within petals, like obese flower fairies. Someone has to!
Then I have to finish off the piece for the Long Shop Museum. I have left some prints of the women who worked there in past times and I would like to do another piece with those and clocks..........loads of ideas. Just lack the lackeys to carry them out for me.
What i should be doing is adding to my Dance Series. I have this wondrous mass of unfelted but combed wool, dyed in fantastic shades of deep bronze which I want to embellish with really fat dancing ladies, but for some reason I keep pushing it to the back of the queue, where hopefully it is marinating.
I have been asked to do one of my portraits of this elderly couple, but they may not last long enough to receive it.
This one I did of two stitching friends,
and this is the back view of the elderly couple, now they want their front done.

Also Artemis awaits..................inspiration, I hope to make something as impressive without becoming too "amusing".


Sue said...

Wow, those stitchings are brilliant.

Heide said...

The portraits are gorgeous! The elderly couple especially appeals to me. You are very talented.

carol said...

You're brilliant and talented my friend - proud to call you that. The two stitchers is excellent but the elderly couple - now that's something I would love to live with. The shapes and colours are great.