Thursday, 19 February 2009


Couldn't resist a snap of the first daffodils, which have been waving valiantly at me from down the bank. They get the morning sun, but also the morning frost - so they are brave as well as encouraging. Clumps of snowdrops all over the place, some are hiding behind my "birthday suit"- with gnomes. It must be protected from frost down there as I expected the terracotta to snap in the first winter, but she just keeps accumulating moss and gnomes.
These snowdrops are along one of the dog walks, every year they storm back, total beauty.
Just to finish on the theme, some of the valentine roses. Forced no doubt, in so many ways, but once they have settled in and loosened up - another beauty.


carol said...

Lovely pics. I think I need a new camera. I just don't seem to get the same definition.

Spring is springing nervously here too but we are obviously way behind you. There are snowdrops and some rather weedy crocuses in my garden.

Sue said...

I'm jealous. Over here in the west we have daffodil shoots, no flowers, but I did notice the first iris yesterday.