Friday, 20 February 2009

fresh mud

On our doggy walk down to the river yesterday we could step off the usual track and keep going till we reached half way across - without walking on that for another day.

The causeway we walked down is called The Hard locally, at really low tide it begins to turn into The Soft with squelchy oozing mud which can be very beautiful in its swirls and squirls, but not so lovely on Hattie the dog's paws when we get home.

This tyre must have lived here about as long as me, with similar results.

Cold wet mud is not usually invigorating, but somehow this was different.
I was fed up when we left home, but just taking a 90 degree turn out of the usual made things seem promising again. Which is a good thing as this winter has been so hard, and long.
I am obviously going cabin crazy waxing lyrical about mud.


Sue said...

Ah, there are some wet bits of Sufflok then, Suffolk even.

Walled Garden said...

The whole of great Britain seems to be waterlogged right now. I hope we don't have a wet spring. There is nowhere for it to go but the wrong places
Cheers Gillian