Saturday, 7 February 2009

These are the Three [Dis]Graces - work in progress.
I have to upload them on Yahoo because my Internet Explorer won't upload pictures anymore from websites!
Also I write sometimes on my laptop in front of the fire [which is bliss in this cold weather] but the pics are on the big computer in here. The laptop will upload pics from websites, but the pics I need in this case have not leapt onto that machine because I can't remember the sequence to let them get thru the wall into next door room.
Apparently it is a Microsoft problem - so that guy should stop saving the world from measles or whatever for a few mins and get back and sort it out.


Sue said...

The three dis-graces are coming on great. Do they come apart for you to work on them or do you have to sew as they are?

Walled Garden said...

Okay,so this is a bit blunt, but what do you do with all your stuff? Do you sell it? Is it commissioned?
I'd love to know where it goes because I love so much of it so much. Can I have some?
Cheers Gillian

chillsider said...

You are very welcome to have some Cheers Gillian.
Mostly I work in 2 ways. One is towards a Big Women exhibition I hope to have some day, so I keep that stuff.
The rest i work to commission [a bad bet because people are kind enough not to set a dead line]
and for exhibitions which usually have a theme[ and a deadline] of some kind, so the stuff is various tho strangely enough it often tends towards the female form......
I am happy to sell or give my work away,as it does pile up so. Thus i usually charge somewhere around ............£50 to £100, unless the buyer looks deep in riches, in which case I probably add £100.
If you ever see anything you like let me know and if I still have it we can come to some arrangement.