Monday, 23 March 2009


Went for a walk down by the river, buds are budding and the fungus is fungussing.

This tree stump is almost dressed throughout.

Close up the growths are so beautiful a detailed subtle design repeated and repeated in layers upon layers, a bit like sea shells, they are so amazing.

When we were learning to stitch "creatively" we are taught to layer up, pile up, embellish........lots of the well known stitching divas still do.
But I have this urge to simplify.

I guess I use the stitches instead of paint or pencil to make marks. I am more interested in the mark making than the stitch building, the textures and colours of threads are a feast but I seem to just want to snack.

After the walk we all had lunch in the pub, views of cold brown mud as the tide was out. The pub is brown inside and out. They let dogs into the bar as long as they don't bring the mud in with them. They keep biscuits behind the bar for Hattie the dog, and she gets her "specials" -bits or beef from the sandwiches.

C. who works behind the bar went off to Australia but here he is back again.
Sometimes I think I will go mad if I stay in the village another day, it can seem to close in, day after day, it can be really testing dredging up the confidence to face myself and keep questioning whether what I do/am has any value.
When I was at work I sort of knew what I was about, I knew I was helping kids move forward with their lives; now I have to gird up my loins and move myself along. Not as far as Australia tho, actual travel can be refreshing but we are still there , wherever we go.


Paula and Skip said...

Hi, just stumbled over your blog and in your world. These pix are so peaceful, serene and holding so much history. Thanks for sharing. Paula

Sue said...

You have no need to wonder what you are about, you are about making wonderful word pictures and taking beautiful photos to illustrate them.