Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Took a long walk today down this path , a windy green tunnel through the fields, past the horses and the hairy long horned cattle.

Got rained on a couple of times and lashed by angry brambles, still vengeful having been flailed so viciously in the winter.
We found the neat label on a post which explained exactly what we were about.

Didn't go the whole way, surprisingly, just to the next village and a very cosy pub for lunch.

Some of the trees looked like they were hugging themselves - which was perhaps sensible, as on the gusty return journey, a young dead ?elm crashed to the ground beside us, and another was shattered further up the path .

We definitely heard the first one crash down.
I was reminded of gnomish musing in philosophy lectures to the tune of - if a tree falls in the forest, will there be a noise if there is no-one to hear it.
"I'm younger than that now"

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