Thursday, 16 April 2009

Rather than topping myself in angst/tantrum I did some dyeing instead.

The rather marvellous RP took delivery half way thru the mucky process of a presi for me, I don't think it was a bribe to cheer/shut me up, but it did the job.

I now have a little video camera thingy, so I can make moving pictures of the daughter and g'son when they appear next month. In the mean time, I can record lesser events like creating strange coloured fabrics and hands.

I am not good with instructions so I splashed some acid dye, urea and soda water about and added manutex to thicken and had a splosh, - in various directions. Also screen printed some colour on, but didn't cut any stencils as I find that when I make definite pics on the fabric I just gaze at them, bemused, and can't think how to stitch. Hopefully the sploshes will not be so intimidating.

For the Cambridge exhibition we are apparently going to fill the entrance with twigs and branches hung with fantastic textile leaves, so maybe these will be good for that. I did do a bit of printing by spreading the dyes on bubble wrap and pressing that onto the fabric to get some organic type shapes. Circles are always good, I feel.

This video is very short and took several centuries to down load so I will save the doggy walk to the river till another time.

The RP had a second delivery today, 2 rather skimpy flat packed garden obelisks, up which he will encourage some courgettes to climb. He was twice blessed [happy partner, happy self] but lo - in the post he found a cheque to say he had won a small, but very welcome, amount on ERNIE;

Retired persons have to spread their parting stash around to try and ensure that something will survive these uncertain crunchy times. He bought some premium bonds last month, and now is a winner! I think I remember people saying [in pre Lottery times when ERNIE was popular] that new buyers often seem to win.

ERNIE obviously has a bad back and can't dig very deep past the new numbers, so I doubt it will happen again as the numbers age, and sink without trace. However three gifts in one day!Apologies to the Goddess [and slandered colleagues] for my mean temper, I will be a little ray of sunshine from now on.


Walled Garden said...

Well, that's lovely. I'm going to have a go at videos too (I'm such a copycat) and dyeing is always so wonderfully calming. I love the bubble wrap routine and results. Congrats on the Ernie reward too
Cheers Gillian

carol said...

Coo! Impressive video clip! Great news about Ernie too. I once heard a financier say Ernie was a good investment and bought 400 bonds which I managed not to reclaim for a year or two. I got got zilch from them. Maybe he only favours larger investors.