Wednesday, 24 June 2009

words not pics

It is pleasing to finally get some comments, I was struggling so much with the dreaded dongle when we were away, everything was so s-lo-w, but no-one was taking any notice anyway, a lonely voice on the moors crying Cathy..............
I don't really have the oomph to summon up more words now we are home about the holiday, so it was apposite that the videos downloaded easily and said it all much better than i could.
Not my technical expertise I confess, just RP's little tiny digital camera, push the video button and it all happens.
Ma is rarely excited by what i shove under her nose to admire, but when I sent her the videos she was entranced, and wants the Strid on a cassette loop so she can listen to it while going to sleep.
I could have done with it last night as yet again i couldn't sleep till about 4am. I don't know if it is a side effect of the statins, or just my pattern migraine trying to shove thru but it is intensely irritating. I used to find the radio sent me to sleep, but no more. So i tried the new Peter James book "Dead Tomorrow that M exchanged with me yesterday. In the end I had to get up and remove it from the bedroom, it is So Miserable, I didn't want to be infected any more. It was like he had chosen his Issues and then written the most negative, most distressing version he could, [organ transplants], it's a murder story, you can work out the plot as it was cliched from beginning to end,- which I didn't bother to reach.
I don't think he likes women either, do you ever get that feeling about an author? I also started Fay Weldon's Decameron [modern interpretation] so far I don't think she likes women much these days either.

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