Monday, 13 July 2009

muse and musing

It was quite a long day, stewarding at the exhibition, tho the gallery is open and bright and we did have over 200 "footfall". Unfortunately the "feet" led more positively to the shop-side where we do smaller bits and bobs, and handed over about£250, but however complimentaryly they wriggled their toes I remain the only Exhibition seller so far.
This should not lead to great hubris as I priced my pots at £7.50 each to make sure they passed beyond. The beautiful shibori above was £900 I think.
My wonky Arches are £95 but I suspect mother will be the lucky recipient, should work as she has macular degeneration.

We hung H's cheery patchwork on the wall opposite the door to encourage a positive response to those brave enough to poke their heads round the door.

R's subtle landscape abstract was huge, and hugely satisfying. The framer did a good job with this one, but left wrinkles in her other piece which is a bit desperate.
We had a stitching group from Cambridgeshire, which was invigorating, and I was talking to one who also writes a Stitchey Blog, so we shall have to wait and see if she turns up here.

M's print and stitch on silk organza was much admired and really should be bought by the concert hall, if they ever took any notice.
It was a lovely sunny day, against all forecast. To gee me up I wore my Fat Face dress with asymmetric hem and leggings. Very sprauncy. However in the heat the leggings had to come off and expose my poor bristly pale legs to the public.
Pricing is always a matter of contention - to grab a cliche. Some believe they should be paid by the hour invested, which could add up to as much as the national debt, and takes no notice of the quality of the piece.
Some makers rely solely on their earnings, so selling cheap gets outrage as they feel undercut. Mostly we charge less than we ought as textiles is not a respected medium, water colours seem to successfully charge around £150 a pop with no embarrassment.
Some pieces I charge up to about £200, usually cos I actually don't want to part with them yet.
My rusty containers pleased me, but there is not a spare window sill in the house so I decided to down price them so that if someone really liked them they could afford them. I don't rely on the money, so I am happy to sell at whatever suits really, it is great to feel people will invest a significant amount to live with something I made. But the fact that someone just wants to have it in their life is very rewarding, so if C or G ever see anything they like I am happy to send for cost of postage, if not I will feel quite able to say so.
So far the Disco dancers are still dancing on the wall marked down to £20 as I need to make space; likewise Angry Woman. One elderly lady gazed at her with delight yesterday, I think her maculars may be degenerating too as the face is very nasty really.
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Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I would have loved to have bought one of your pots. I enjoyed your exhibition and will look out for your next one.

carol said...

Those dancers have my name on them...... or this is the end of a friendship!!

carol said...

I like the arches as they are - surely artistic wonkiness is allowed?

Walled Garden said...

Tennant's auctions at Leyburn in North Yorkshire are offering a Tom McGuinness major work at £4000-£6000 and my sister and I are considering it.I'm sure that half the "art world" are considering it too.
Your work gives me as much pleasure even though it wouldn't fill the same expanse of wall space. Thankyou for giving us some insight into what your prices are. Pricing art work is difficult..
I shall now review your site and see what I really fancy,
cheers Gillian