Wednesday, 29 July 2009

facts and fictions

Lots and lots of these meadow browns on the lavender today, but then the rain came back. So now I know four, with a few more fluttering at the edge of memory.
I always said I would learn the names of all the trees...........and types of clouds. Still don't, I do know a few trees, a few butterflies, a few birds.
Brain is a bit fey this evening as I spent a deal of the afternoon between two fog horns, M and ma. I am watching Midsummer Murders to settle down, nice and undemanding.
M left me the new Jeffrey Deaver, which is likely to be a bit more exciting, she swopped it for my Icelandic crime latest by Yrsa Sigurdardottir. Quite a flurry of Scandanavian crime books at the mo. I have just read Karin Fossum [Norwegian]- very good, a satisfyingly mature story even tho in the end she doesn't confirm who "dunnit"
I am enjoying a Bill James now, he's a very mannered writer of baroque 1980s criminals,[no mobile phones to ease the plot]. with the police - Harper and Isles- confusingly as bad at times.
Wolf Hall, my favourite so far this year, has made it onto the long list for the Booker, very pleasing. M claims she is reading it but tucked the Icelander away with swift glee, so i think Cardinal Wolsey may have to wait.
And waiting in the wings I have the first Fred Vargas [published last] I love these stories by the oddly name French woman; and the new Denise Mina whom I am giving a try, hoping she has left incest and accompanying nastiness behind. should get me through the next few days without too much reality.


Sue said...

excellent pics Glen! what did you take them with? a camera I know, duh, but which one?

chillsider said...

Dunno I snitched them off the web