Sunday, 26 July 2009

the pics are better on the wireless

On a Sunday morning i have Radio6 on in the background. The guy plays cheery music and people text in to report Good Deeds they have done during the week, so it is a change from all the negativity around.
On Saturday morning I listen to Adam and Joe for the music and the banter, but they are on holiday at the mo and I will accept no substitutes.
I always have the radio on during the day, drives RP mad, but i was bought up in a wireless household. G'ma had a set in each room, and g'pop fixed up speakers to complete the coverage in every other nook and cranny.
Mostly i listen to Radio 4 and 5, which does tend to make newspapers redundant, but the Guardian has a good section of thoughtful pieces to get me thru breakfast; radio is on in the background, but I only hear it when something in my brain picks up on some reference.
RP is thus convinced we women can split our attention equally whereas in his experience men are either doing the crossword or switched off. I don't understand this neutral position where he claims he is not doing anything. I am always buzzing, and in a in a way the radio has to be on to absorb some of the whizz so I can relax and concentrate on something else.
Wireless guy is asking for Reasons to be Cheerful........I did think this morning how glad I was that I no longer get as many spots. That is a very adolescent angst that still reverberates obviously. Auntie C and Uncle R are pootling over this afternoon from Romford as it is their 56th wedding anniversary. C was engaged throughout the war, then he dumped her when he returned. Both younger sisters were married and with child by then so she was stuck at her parents' home with the baby sitting and work at the GPO to pass the time.
Eventually in 1953 she pulled the young electrician who worked up on the corner of the main road and toddled off to their new home - never to move again.

They are both over 90 now.
Strange to think that when my friends such as Coffee Spoons knew my g'parents, they were younger than this their day my lovely g'son will be looking at pics of us.........or do computer pics get passed on? We back up occasionally. A few CDs better than those drawers, cupboards and boxes of unlabelled photos my grandma left us.


Walled Garden said...

D was married for 47 years, me only 28, but a new life seems to be ahead and of course we have "new" habits. He has the radio on all the time. He calls it "La-la". I'm getting used to it. We are finding out our favourite stuff and luckily it is much the same.
Even now I have La-la on in the background (or is it East-enders?) while he drives a Sainsbury's artic across Yorkshire with tomorrow specials in it.
Cheers Gillian

Sue said...

I can't do background noise with only one ear that works. It's all right for you folks with two good ears. Two or more sounds going in my ear means I don't hear any of them. Or maybe my brain isn't good enough to sort the jumbled noise out? Could be.