Thursday, 9 July 2009

vessels launched

These are my "vessels". We decided to make sure everyone did some 3D work for the exhibition this time, on the same theme of "Bridging the Gap" at the maltings. I used my rust dyed calico and odd bits of wire and fencing.
Actually i think they came out quite well, better than my poor bloody arches which died the creative death weeks before I finally finished them [sadly on the wall it is clear that they are less well made than the originals], definitely not straight. I know I can't make things straight, why do I keep trying.
Anyway the vessels look quite serene, were well received and displayed in a good position so all hope is not extinguished
. Disco dancers are up yet again. They have entered many a show and then bopped along home again.
Angry lady is also going cheap, her sisters [calmer] of the trilogy achieved new owners, but apparently no-one wants an angry woman, same old story

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chillsider said...

Ha finally sold her