Thursday, 6 August 2009

beside the sea

A sunny day

So we went to the sea-side.

School holidays, so we, and the crabs, were not alone. Next week is the World Champion Crab Catching Contest.

Given the untrustworthy habits of the weather roofs are coming off all round and being replaced, this was a rather attractive version, I have not seen the reeds waving from the ridge before.
We had a lovely couple of days, tho with all the healthy sea air and walks Hattie the Dog and I needed an afternoon nap. Then of course I was awake and reading till 4 a.m. having mucked up my body clock. Hattie seemed to cope OK with sleeping whenever required.

The clear colours of the salt marshes and the sea and the blue blue sky............shame about the nuclear power station just along the coast. There it is lurking on the horizon, they are talking of building a newer sparklier one next door. No use complaining as the French have them all along the coast only 20 odd wet miles away.
Why we can't have wind turbines and even wave machines machines instead.
At the mo there are wind turbine makers who have taken their factory hostage to stop it being closed down, the only joint that makes them in this country.
Fortunately the Dutch seem to have got the idea, the country could practically take off like a helicopter squadron - so maybe we can buy some from them, eventually.
No good having a small one on this windy hill, the chimneys are too rickety.
We could do solar panels but RP is slow to invest in change (and kerfuffle] and I am too lazy to persuade him. Should really; neighbours have and say it keeps the water at a warm temperature so it costs less to heat to hot when necessary, thus saving money and the world.


Sue said...

Love the pics! Keep thinking we should get solar panels on our south-facing roof but that's as far as it gets..

carol said...

Fantastic butterfly pics - I tried to capture the red Admiral on my buddleia but they wouldn't sit still.

I get cross with the factions round here who resist wind farm as though they were some sort of Fifth Column assault by Greens, mostly on the pretext that they ruin the countryside and kill the birds. They do involve an awful lot of concrete which disturbs the heather but as to the birds - they'd have to be pretty dim not to avoid the dignified progress of the huge sails. They are SO much nicer to look at than the old pylons that still march across the landscape. I suppose everyone has got used to them.

Love the idea of Holland taking off - I suppose it might help them to keep their feet dry come the predicted innundations.

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I saw about the crab competition on the television the other night. What a lovely part of the counrty you live in.