Saturday, 29 August 2009

Suffolk Treasures

The local Guild booked the Freemasons Hall for the show, Jane,Su and I stewarded on Thursday afternoon, occasionally there were more of us than there was of them which gave us time to wander round and see what there was.
No pins allowed in the walls etc so work was either hung from the top ridge of the forbidding wooden panelling round the room, or attached to the wonky white fabric suspended on posts in a hotch potch of rickety room dividers. It looked rather like laundry day, with lots of brightly coloured pieces festooned amongst the crumpled sheets like exotic lingerie.
However it is a salutary lesson that people I sometimes dismiss as, Lord help us, boring, can have rich imaginations and superior skills compared to my bodge jobs.

I was present when this piece was in the planning stage,some years ago, so it was satisfying to see that Sandra has finally bought it to a triumphant conclusion.It is taken from a large mirrored building in town, which has the saving grace that at least it reflects what is left of the medieval buildings that weren't demolished to make way for it.
This great landscape was one of my friend Ruthie's.
This box was interesting; it was called Hadrian's Wall and very trustingly had several authentic roman coins inside.
This an arty piece by Mary, it is a metre wide and about 6" deep; she calls it Hide and Seek, it is oddly compelling.
The Freemasons look on benignly.


Gillian said...

Sandra's Mirror work is great. There is a building in an historic area of Melbourne where the mirror wall, reflecting the heritage area, was allowed so that the heritage views were doubled.
I love Ruthie's Landscape too and I'm fascinated as much by the innate honesty of the people who can leave roman coins in an open exhibit as the exhibit itself. So prosaically artistic.
Where's your stuff!!?

Cheers Gillian

Sharne's Bit 'n' Bobs said...

I was intending to come to your exhibition, but I ran out of time. I hope you had a lot of visiters.