Friday, 14 August 2009


Took Hattie the dog and RP for a walk across the farm and down to the river, sun came out, birds asinging - smells asmelling.
A bonfire was in full choking smoke, then new embattlements of horse manure marched alongside the fields. They were bad enough, but I suspect it changed to pig manure and that was much worse, olfactorily speaking.
I have almost finished the work for the next exhibition, towards the end of the month.
The Guild has booked the local Masonic Hall, which will be a fascinating exploration in itself. from the outside it is an elaborate dark and brooding Victorian building,secluded in a small lane but in the centre of town where IMO the pompous and vain-glorious businessmen roll up their trouser leg and give each other funny hand shakes to seal deals and dress in drag supposedly for charity.
As I understand it Masons used to be a powerful country wide clique/network, perhaps to say a very English version of the KKK is going too far, most high up policemen used to belong and it was all a secret network of middle class power and intrigue.
I am not sure how much it works these days, now that women are allowed inside and it is all regarded as a bit of a farce....but who knows. That usually happens - any profession or plot that belatedly allows women to belong is usually already on the slide ..........
Father once joined the something Order of Buffalos, he had a little blue and white leather apron that I suppose was part of his regalia. As far as I know it was a short lived aberration, probably only entered into to annoy.
He also once briefly declared himslf a communist for the same reason.
The exhibition is called Suffolk Treasures and doubtless much of the work will be. The Guild has about 80+ members and some of them can stitch lovely stuff; one category is for a 6" x 6" competition, but i can't do anything that dainty/precise............
I had a commission to do a double portrait of some London friends, they have moved again now after about 15 years being shining lights of the village - whether the community wanted them to shine so brightly was never asked. E soon ran the WI, local Hospice etc, and L chaired everything else.
I am entering their piece as a Suffolk Treasure [at least it made me finish it]- the county is ful of in-comers throwing themselves into their new life with a vengence,and they are a new kind of treasure.
I suspect most of the treasure themes will be based on Sutton Hoo, Constable and general rural beauty, so hopefully my interpretation will nor be able to be compared, and found wanting.
I am putting in two little fabric figures, which I learnt to do at a Guild workshop as well as the bloody Arches which hopefully someone will take home with them.

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