Thursday, 24 September 2009

climbing the walls

If this pic of D's is enlarged one can chose who should win the "Wreck of the Hesperus" award. My mother often used to say I looked thus, or "pulled thru a hedge backwards" so encouraging that generation.

Today we had morning coffee in Bath, it was a lovely sunny day, the buildings glowed with self satisfaction

The Abbey is just gorgeous
This bloke had an ingenious contrivance to enable him to play the violin and the guitar at the same time and make a nice noise
Lunch in a tiny pub run by two gay guys who enjoyed their work

Searched for some time for the W bookshop, and when we did eventually find it they had unbeknownst to themselves run out of the new Ian Rankin, is that any way to run a bookshop!
I treated myself to 2 other tomes, for one of which they over charged me, so the Retired Person had to march back and remonstrate..... sometimes he feels my responses may be counter productive.
Got a bit lost traversing Bristol on the way home, so many cars, so little road space.


Sue said...

Very artistic arrangement of bagettes and stack of chips - was that you or them?
Contrasting weather between first and following pics noted: What did we do to deserve those two gloomy days when all the others have been sunny for you? Pooh!

Sue said...

whoops, spelt baguettes wrong and being me I can't let it go unsaid...