Saturday, 7 November 2009

head start

Went to see Felting Needle at her Xmas Village fair, first festive outing of the season.
The village hall was warm and jolly, just as it should be - as opposed to the miserable soulless lights that have been strung across the town streets since October, cheering no-one, except maybe the very young and the very old. Certainly not the medium-old like me.
Felting Needle has wonderfully made me a hat inspired by Lorina Bulwer and Elizabeth Parker and even Agnes and her jacket [Embroderers blog] which I hope to embroider with a few words
or perhaps something more chirpy

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Gillian said...

Gorgeously coloured and so well arranged. A Food Stylist!!!
That is a "job", which if you are lucky enough to get ............lets you arrange the wonderful foods that are going to be eaten, written about, talked about etc.