Saturday, 28 November 2009

K*ndle Surprise

So yes I have a K*ndle,I admit it but I am not addicted, I can give it up any time.........the RP decided I am an "early adopter" a geek term it seems that implies I am impulse driven [blame my potty training] and want everything NOW.
Of course it is also a useful excuse to blame me when he gets diverted by a new gadget.
When we were in the States last we saw them in the book cathedrals [obviously everything is bigger there]I poked them excitedly and declared instant lust, but to some extent the staff weren't really au fait with their ingenious machine and really just kept it chained up to tempt customers.
However Am*zon started advertising recently that one could purchase a machine from the comfort of one's own computer. so he ordered one for my birthday.
It arrived via air-mail two days later.
No doubt a S*ny version from a warehouse down the road would have taken at least a week, or maybe a month. { I stupidly ordered a 2nd hand book thru Amazon 2 weeks ago and it still isn't here].
Anyway the K*ndle is lovely, it should ensure that the house doesn't collapse with the weight of the book shelves, I can read in bed without squashing my chest, and I only occasionally get so excited by a plot that I reach out to turn a page instead of push a button.
I rarely bath these days, the hot water tank is disappointing, I stick to listening to the radio when I am showering each morning.
So all good.
Not quite, given that it is a Yankee toy, it plays to Yankee rules, these include only offering dead authors for more or less nothing, or crap authors for a bit more. I have downloaded and read the new Michael Connelly and some others but most new books have still not crossed the copyright ocean.
Thus i ordered a Xmas supply between hard and soft covers this morning - from Amazon!
I think I would always read printed books, but for cheapness,speed of delivery [about 30 seconds for a complete book] holidays, reading in pubs and cafes while RP does his crossword, I will enjoy the neat little K*ndle.


carol said...

Hmmm. Humpf. Can see the point on pub. trans. journeys but Dickens should be read in old leather if possible. Are there illustrations?

I am getting a tad fed up with slightly soiled books I must admit. The germs my de-ah! The squashed flies. Too ghasters.

Incidentally, as an Am. seller I have had to refund two customers I posted to during the strikes because their books haven't arrived - and probably two weeks ago there was still the famous 'backlog.' Have mercy!

Gillian said...

It took me ages to work out what it was, but I now realise I've seen them advertised. I think I would quickly get hooked if I had one.
Cheers Gillian

Heide said...

As backwards, archaic and environmentally unfriendly as it sounds I loves me my books with real paper pages. If not for being wed to a computer geek I'd probably not even own one of these new-fangled contraptions, let alone have email, a blog, etc.