Sunday, 28 March 2010

sick note

Two poor old girls

It has been a long, hard winter and the blessed anniversary of the long awaited, but somehow still surprising, wedding was a good excuse to get away to an hotel and indulge in big beds and cordon bleu.
Unhappily an evil virus came too, which at least meant I got to make full use of room service and the wide screen gog.
Back muscles are still uptight so I am not in the sunniest of moods, fortunately it is still sunny back here at home, the daffodils are waving energetically on the bank and the Mothers Day flowers delivered on March 14th are still in petal.

This is weird, what do they do to flowers these days. I was all for throwing them away before we left, but RP could not bear to see his triumph so disrespected. When we got back, I crawled in to find them looking more robust than I.
The theme of the anniversary this year was "furniture" google claimed, not at all traditional and not one that can be spontaneous really. We could do with a new couch, as it now obviously belongs to Hattie the Dog but that will have to wait as a diversion on a sadder day.

This is not "furniture" just one of the fishermans huts which we witness slowly disintegrating as the years pass, unlike the flowers........
The quay has recently been spraunced up and dredged so the fishermens' boats are in better fettle. Mostly muscles and lobsters are hunted - however tho I have no idea if that is an erroneous assumption, what are those nets for, they look fairly meaningful, especially if you are a fish.

It wasn't the best break we have had really, as the car broke down on the drive up the coast. Some seal, I think the Paul Whitehouse character said, cheerfully, as he loaded us, and car onto his truck.
Whatever had become unsealed meant the clutch didn't, so we were stuck on this roundabout, half way. As confirmed hedonists we decided onwards was the only direction so PW contacted the Rescue and they made us pay another £70+ before he was allowed to ferry us to hotel.
Fortunately the one garage in the village or in a 20 mile radius did repairs and by the time I could maintain the vertical had us ready to roll home.


Sue said...

What adventures! Never a dull moment. Glad to hear you are recovering.

chrissythreads said...

Poor you - hope you are on the road to recovery. I've decided its something to do with the disgusting weather as we've all had Norovirus, horrid flu like cold which left us all still hacking 4 weeks later and now K and I have the delights of eye infections.Lets all do an anti-rain dance and pray for a bit of sun.

Gillian said...

Hope you are really better soon. The latest chill may kill off what the mild spell released.
I had hayfever! on the two sunny, mild days.
Cheers Gillian

Heide said...

I've never seen boats stored in a dry harbor before. That must mean the fishermen there are completely at the mercy of the tides.