Wednesday, 7 April 2010

raise high the roof beam carpenter

Got off my couch [largely metaphorical] to visit a friend's new kitchen last week. They have a thatched pink house deep in the countryside, but decided to make the kitchen more airy fairy.
Builders for months, a side room with a "dirty" sink for her dyes, pluses and minuses.
Now they are open to the roof beams high high above and have underfloor heating to compensate.
Draw back here is that the cat brings in half eaten dead things and leaves them as gifts over night, the heating kicks in and by the time friend groggily descends in the morning the offering is "cooked" onto the tiles.
She likes colour and has had each tall triangle topped wall [whatever it is called] painted the brightest fuchsia pink, if you have migraine you can compare the colour exactly to the pink tablets one takes at the beginning, an exact match.
Unfortunately as I was still taking the tablets I forgot to take any pics.
Likewise next day a visit to a new stitching group, whose member bought a derelict sixteenth century manor house 18 months ago.
I encouraged her to host us so I could have a look, and a real eyeful it is. The builders, still in situ have stripped everything back to the cabalistic wall painting and beams.
The first floor had fallen in so they crafted wide new floor boards and hand waxed them. I cannot begin to describe how gobsmacked I was. Too much to remember to take pics.
Her daughter and pals were up in the attics smoking and playing pool. Made me want to slap them. [i did have a headache]
I have tried googling lady of the manor and the house name but no hits for pics so have to inveigle another visit however unworthy I feel as my eyes are dazzled by so much beauty and money.

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