Friday, 7 May 2010

hanging chads?

Jelly babies were my only friends last night as the election went from bad to Tory, apart from Hattie the dog and the Agamemnon the cat of course.
It was all very strange, seats slipping and sliding and ending up in quite unexpected places. Thankfully, IMO Labour were not wiped out as the Tories were 13 years ago. I guess they are still hamstrung by that defeat as they couldn't win outright this time even in the face of the country's finacial implosion.
But what on earth happened to the LibDems, after all that enthusiasm and excitement they actually lost seats.
Weird - was it an MI5 black op?
And queues at Polling stations! voters so keen they waited for hours and then couldn't even be let in to vote. Amazing.
Here in the village we strolled in after walkies with Hatters, the only punters in the hall. I toyed with the idea of a tactical vote but Dim Yeo had a 6600 majority last time, so no hope of putting the skids under him. The stub of pencil scratched in a big thick cross for this young woman I knew nothing about and somewhere a socialist fairy smiled.
The BNP and UKIP seem to have been struck down in various ways. I went to school in Barking so I am pleased they no longer have 12 BNP councillors, not that Margaret Hodge is anything to relish.
What ever will happen next? Young Nick is crushed then is raised again pampered and flattered by that awful balloon faced, mean mouthed Tory, tho I can't really revile his nasty little opening without agreeing that Gordon smiling should probably not ever be done in front of the children.
All so weird. Fortunately we are off on hols tomorrow, so by the time we get back life may have returned to something resembling normal.

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Sue said...

It was as ever for us LibDems more votes = even less seats. How can this be fair?