Thursday, 29 July 2010

nature notes

Within a couple of days the green shoots of recovery.

Today up to seven baby blue tits on the nuts and a greater spotted wood pecker visited but didn't stay for his portrait.

It goes against my grain for some reason to be optimistic - I just foresee the cat. That doesn't mean to say I won't attack any problem head on, and then whinge, so I must expect somethings can be made better.
Daughter seems to be developing similar traits. We agree that since she has become a mother she has realised she just has to get on with it, whatever it is.
At the mo, as a single mum with no income and husband's debts accruing, she has a vomiting toddler with a throat infection and a big, elderly chow with maggots up her bum.
It seems that the dog has got sticky seedy things stuck in her hot fur/skin which have become infected. So there is Princess Daughter cutting back the fur, hauling out maggots and applying medication.
Fortunately no pics.

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