Wednesday, 29 September 2010

fire and water and grasshopper

Another conflagration in our neck of the woods. There are houseboats along the river, permanently moored partly because they have many many sheds attached and gangways as complex as Escher's staircases.
Along aways rest the abandoned vessels, slowly and majestically rotting.
Unfortunately it seems they contain metal parts and in these days stripping them of the good bits is a growth industry.
One way is to set fire to the boat and haul away the picking of whatever is left. This time the fire got out of control.

It is quite a distance from the space where the fire engines can be parked and the firey boats, so they must have very long hoses. Altho each boat has it's own stand pipe so maybe they could link on there.

The good news is that the fire burnt off the horrible yellow council health and safety notices warning people not to venture forth in them. Maybe with no money for extras these days we will be spared the out pourings of health and safety.
This County is dispensing with all council work and workers apparently and "out sourcing" I suspect this means the same workers being employed for the same jobs by private companies for less wages, so the company makes a profit and everything spirals down.

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