Wednesday, 1 September 2010

high jump

On Bank Holiday weekend we ventured down from the hill as I had run out of my favourite gunpowder tea.
Usually I keep a low profile when the sun is out, the populace is on holiday and it is the last w/e of the school holidays. However needs must.
The expensive organic farmshop down the road was celebrating making oodles of cash from the hungry middle classes by installing several marquees of aromatic, sizzling beef burgers, lots of little tents of hand made jewelry [for some reason] and a bungee jumpers crane.
I've never seen one in the flesh, so freakin high! and then the young person gets told to look straight out, not down, and then step into space, head first.
OMG the girl in the pic got a bit frantic [surprise] and started flailing around so much I thought she might crash into the crane, but i guess they know what they are doing, as she landed safely, if incoherently.
I used to think I should do a parachute jump, for the thrill - to prove something. Now I am an old girl I think life is quite risky enough, so watching others has to satisfy.

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