Friday, 8 October 2010

sailing on

 Went up to Ally Pally yesterday to the annual Knit and Stitch extravaganza.  The train, tube and bus trek took just two hours, through most of which I could read my book, so much preferable to a stuffy old coach cackling it's way thru the traffic - with me feeling sick if I try and read.
Felt a little uneasy after the terrorist warnings, thoughts of the glass ceiling crashing down in huge murderous shards but all remained peaceful, and crowded, obviously British women are not to be cowed.

First visit was to see Julia C's retrospective.  She used to mentor us but died unexpectedly from some lung disease.  It was indescribably sad to see her joyously coloured pieces knowing her enthusiasm and persistence were no longer around.
I hate the way things survive after the makers, but then again I make things to show I was once here, so hopefully her spirit is appeased.

So I was a bit melancholy for the rest of the day I suppose. 
But this coat made by a friend using tea bags for the yoke made me smile.
L was stewarding in a rather dazed way.  She is new to her textile group, it is rather prestigious so I think she felt a little over whelmed, as well as being over run by visitors who wanted to hear all about the Teabags. She has spent months losing weight and put a stone back on over the summer so she was grumpy as well.
Went downstairs for lunch, a truly disgusting turkey and cranberry [?jam] on white but I am too lazy to make my own lunch. The restaurant is under the halls so we were all safe from the dreaded glass, tho I guess the ceiling was heavy with female foot steps.

After tramping round the show for four hours I decided to cheer myself up by going to see the Ship in the Bottle on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square.

Yinka Shonebare has created HMS Vistory with African textile prints as the sails a perfect instalation loaded with meanings.
Potty training? pic cheered me up tho.

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Gillian said...

Potty training is really lovely!
I have no offspring so I show off pics of my lovely cat. She is just recovering from being in the cattery while we went away. Do you want to swap houses ever? As long as you will look after a cat!
Cheers Gillian