Tuesday, 23 November 2010


Went to the dentist today, check up, but terrified I was going to have to sacrifice another tooth. I never imagined aging included all these indignities. However I am allowed to hang on for now.

Have been working on my Creative Writing course with the OU, absolutely love it. When I get stuck at the stitching I can reverse the chair to the opposite table and diddle with words. My work room is obviously now in an even worse state of chaos as paper and books pile.

The diversions are necessary what with Ireland sinking, Royal marrying and snow forecast.

Sent the Glorious grandson his presssies and b. money for his second birthday coming up Thanksgiving w/e. Decided to send a couple of beautifully illustrated children's books, plus a soft toy of one of the characters.

Daughter warbles later that day on the phone " oh by the way, don't send books, we have loads" Too Late!

Must remember to keep a cheery face when we Skype him tearing into the parcel.

Have been reading and tossing aside books myself, not my usual practise, I was brought up to finish what you started [often got me into trouble] but finally started a book by a guy who was sitting for his portrait by Lucian Freud.

The artist fascinates me, it is just as well he is too far gone in years and distance for me to make a fool of myself, but the book is great, a meditation on identity and and an"interesting" life.

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